Summer Hats 2016


As it is known, is characterized by its cyclical fashion. It is born, matures slowly, and after a while aging and dying. And this cycle begins again anew. An interesting can be considered the moment that women's hats at all times remain in the trend. This fashion accessory is so varied that there appear the one option that is right for you.

In this article, a closer look at summer hats. The most famous designer hats is considered to be Philip Tracy. Every year he comes up and creates a whole range of different interesting and extravagant hats.

Summer hat - it is not only a beautiful accessory and addition to the image, it also bears the functional load and protects it from the sun skin, hair.

The most common types of female summer hats are wide-black hat, straw cowboy hat, and Fedor. Let us hats, fashionable spring and summer of 2015.

Well-known European designers have begun to present around the world, or rather its female half of the most relevant models of hats this season. First of all, they differ in bright cheerful colors and prints in the form of hearts and other romantic stuff. Fashionable and straw hats are tied to them with light scarf or ribbon of contrasting colors. Do not remain aloof and Fedora hats, caps.

Hats with a wide brim harmonious look with dresses and sundresses with bare shoulders. The more is bare neckline and shoulders, the wider and freer field must have a hat. If we speak of small-sized and wide-brimmed hats with solid stable fields, they can be worn as a suit with a strict kleshёnnymi trousers and a blouse and skirt. Fashion designers are advised to observe in a complete monotony diluted bright accents in the form of bright shoes, clutch or scarf.

Straw hats were fashionable and in demand at all times. This season is no exception. Straw hats win-win for the hot weather. This is largely beach embodiment. Hat made of natural materials will protect from the scorching sun off your shoulders and face. It would be comfortable to your scalp and hair. A wicker straw boater hat, can be combined with everyday clothes - T-shirts, shorts, jeans and sneakers usual.

And definitely the trend of the season spring-summer 2015 - a hat-Fedor. On the pages of any fashion glossy magazine will meet the cap. It has long-Fedora hats ceased to be exclusively male headdress. They are so versatile in combination with clothing that seems a bit rough in execution, hat can easily turn into a sophisticated accessory evening dress. Classic formal suit and shirt male cut is also great to watch her. An important detail in respect of the hat, is that she does not like contrasts. Solid image should not be showy and harmonious.

Lovely girl! Of course we always want to keep up with the times, to wear something that dictate trends in world fashion. But it is very important that the cap that you dress this summer, you liked it, combined with wardrobe, emphasized the individuality and beauty. Good luck in your choice of hats!


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